Tuition was more than a learning experience it was a philanthropic opportunity. We were encouraged to embrace our skill set and develop beyond what we could have imagined. You have truly delivered on your mandate. Thank yo.

Juwarriyah Gr 12 2019

Thanks for a being a great teacher and our very own motivational speaker .tuition has helped us overcome the difficulties we faced throught the year not only academically but more . A big thank you for the love and support given by edufun Tuition.

Ashton Gr 12 2019

Thank you for being an amazing teacher and an amazing person 


Thank you for making learning an easy and fun experience. I appreciate everything that you have done for us all. I wish you well and thank you for teaching. 


You work hard to give your learners the best and it shows. Thank you for everything. 

Fehzaan Gr 12 2019

Tution played as much a role in my matric year as school did , not only did it help with my academic achievements but Sanza's initiative and care for us to go above and beyond just school work gave me another friend who taught me some valuable lessons and supported me through the difficulties of the year...couldn't have had such a great year without it.

Naadir Gr 12 2019

Thinking of the word tuition sounds merely like an educational experience, but to me it was that and so much, it was obtaining valued and morals, life lessons, it was being able to be yourself without being judged about who you are, it was being able to ask any question work related or not without being afraid and obtaining a worthy reply, it was a chance to escape my bubble and mingle with other peers, learn about other students backgrounds and learn from them as well, tuition was also a safe haven a place where one would come feeling down and depressed and within seconds the atmosphere, our tutor sanza , would uplift our spirits and make us feel happy and give a sense off belonging, not forgetting the amazing tuition sanza provided, not only learning by the book but proving extra details, going out of his way to educate us and ensure we understand no matter how many times he had to reexplain

2018-2019, a short lived experienced but yes one that I will carry with me throughout my life

Munawwarah Gr 12 2019